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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bye memories

Good Day.

its been so long ..
I just feel want to write, em actually type.

I got a job. my very first job. Here in KL bruh *hispter style
Had been 4 weeks, uwaa 1 month already and gaji soonnnnn . 

My convocation is around the corner and I'm so excited about it. 
*Yeayy ! Finally, I could make my parents happy with the 'Ijazah Sarjana Muda'

Almost 2 months I left university -to be correct UPNM -.-
left so much memories from 2011. 
suka dan duka :') whatever it is, I appreciate everyone who comes into my life.
making a great scenery, moments for me. 

some of them are now become stranger to me. HAHA 
how funny life and friends will be

but then, every memories that you leave for me as you left will always be in my mind and heart.
Thanks kerana pernah menjadi sebahagian hidup aku

we are separated, that's call 'no jodoh', to become friends either, and I wish you and your wife live happily ever after.

Dear my future husband,
I'm sorry you're not  the first, but I promise you'll be the last.
and I will love you more than anyone else.
I'm sorry for being so rushing for love
I should have waited for you :(

anyway, its a new life dude. Brace yourself.
Put faith in Allah.

*thanks Dinasaur <3

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